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My Daughter in Law is a Whore

Takes of dysfunctional families are the rage in porn these days. This latest Dorcel effort takes a look at that kink in a way that nicely ties in some sexy bridal clothes and a very slutty bride. Lovely Tamara Grace tells the story though voice over. Her stepson is about to be married and she gets the shocking news from whence the title of his movie sprung.

Fighter, The

Fighter, The www.Wicked.com MOVIE TYPE: Feature 131 Mins Dorcel/Wicked DIRECTOR: Frank Major CONDOMS: None Noted THEMES: Female Boxers, Gym Sex, Euro Babes 2017 STARS: Nikita Bellucci, Mira Cuckold, Mona Kim, Thomas Stone, Renato, Roland Max Fonda, REVIEW- Boxing is a tough sport. We know this because gorgeous Nikita Bellucci tells us so in the opening […]

Anal Loving Teenagers 2

I remember a time when Private made the best porn in the business. They hired the hottest women, shot really entertaining features and delivered blistering sex every time out. My how times have changed. This movie comes from Private, but is shares nothing in common with those great Private flicks of old.

Rocco Meats Suzie

This one is really a trip in the way-back machine. Back when gonzo movies actually had a certain feel to them, a specific flow. Not that this one fits that mold. In fact it is the lack of flow that makes this stand out. It is an even stranger ride given today’s tendency toward random, unrelated scenes thrown together in DVD form.

“Nikita Denise is Back”

Legendary Adult Film star Nikita Denise is back and ready to start filming again. The gorgeous and sexy Czech Republic beauty took some time off, but is ready to come back in front of the cameras again.

Ass, Cash & Politics

This Private flick is a torrid tale of sex, money and politics. Hell, that’s practically the name of the bloody thing. Directed by Anissa Kate, this sexy little tale of intrigue has some real star power. In addition to the director herself, who is so smoking hot she could carry any movie alone, this movie stars Caroline Tosca.

Cumshot Weddings

Private has done it again. This time they have hit on one of my favorite fantasies, brides. I used to video weddings for a living so you can imagine how often these little fantasies danced through my head. And why wouldn’t they? Brides are all dressed up in pretty dresses with gorgeous hair and makeup. And they are about to commit to someone for the rest of their lives. With that backdrop, this movie has the potential to be great. Does it live up to that? For the most part, it exceeds them.

Stepmom Lessons

This is a movie filled with European performers who don’t say much. That leaves a lot to the imagination when it comes to the propertied theme of the flick. We don’t get much story told via dialog. Instead we get young couples joined by older women who appear to be stepmoms. The women are all pretty god looking so there is eye candy all over the place. Energy is mixed with several of the younger girls being a little slow at first. This could be on purpose to go with the theme, but it gets in the way at times. Overall though I like the way action is shot and the way the women play their roles.

Rocco’s Psycho Teens 8

Rocco really knows how to find hot young girls and get the most out of them. These cuties are really top notch and you won’t want to miss a single scene. The girls here are so fucking cute and wonderfully filthy. From the opening three-way to the final cum-stained frame, this one rocks. Linda Sweet and Alexis Brill kick things off.

Secretary with Glasses

This is a hot little movie. It features sexy girls dressed for work and undressed for work. As the title implies, the women play office workers who are fond of keeping their spectacles on during the action. The cast is pretty with one super stand out. Anissa Kate is hot. Super hot actually. Her body is stunning and her face is absolutely gorgeous.

Porn Heros 3

Costumed heroes in porn is a rather common and popular thing these days. We get some great action in comic book parodies. This is a collection of scenes from the European site CumLouder.com. The costumes are not really the focus so don’t get your cosplay hopes up too high. It’s mostly just some silly costumes on people who fuck for the camera.

Russian Institute 14: Anal Lesson

This is actually a rather timely review. At a time when HIV cases and condoms are the source of conversation, controversy and tension, the debate of the saleability of condom-only gonzo porn rages. Though Marc Dorcel movies are hardly gonzo, they do represent something a little harder than the typical soft, couples-friendly smut that dominates the covered cock brand of XXX.

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